Tay Tuteur


CNTRD is a St. Louis based consulting agency.

The following illustrations were created for various LinkedIn articles all based around the concept of bias. Each abstract illustration combines multiple elements including sacred geometry and photography.

01 | What You See Is What You Get.

02 | Business Terms.

03 | What Is Awareness and What Does It Have To Do With Making Effective Decisions?

04 a & b | Being Unbiased Is Overrated.

05 | How Can an MBA Teach Us About Bias.

06 | Data Fiefdom.

07 | Nonprofits Need To Be Doing Business.

08 | Social Responsibility of a God.

09 | De-Risking Your Innovation Through Outsourcing.

011 | Capitalism Is Just a Tool.

12 | Stakeholder Salience and Capitalism.

13 | Disrupting the System From Within.